About Spy War


Dear students, the new game mode Spy War was introduced with the latest update. Since then some students have asked me how to play Spy War, so today I will give you a comprehensive guide on its ins and outs. Interested students should check it out for extra credit.

How to Play

Spy War is a 6v6 battle, but take care, as one team member is a spy working for the other team.


Spies need to hide their identity as much as possible and help their true faction win, while the good guys need to work to uncover the spy, vote them out, and win the match as usual.

Spy Vote

Voting will begin 9 minutes into a match. The player with the highest number of votes will be eliminated and removed from the game. Players can also vote early via the Settings screen 3 minutes into a match, but 4 votes are required to remove a player.

Spy Defection

If the spy wasn't discovered after the voting ends, the spy will continue playing until the 10-minute mark, after which, the spy will switch factions.

Defecting Bonus

Defecting spies can't take their gear with them when switching sides, but they get bonus coins and a damage bonus. The more deaths they had, the greater the bonuses.

Death Mode

After a spy changes factions, Death Mode will be activated. Any hero dying during Death Mode will be directly removed from the game. Meanwhile, turrets will stop attacking and fountains will stop restoring. Wipe out the entire enemy team or destroy their base to win.

Mode Tips

1. The items in Spy War are effective against both the enemy and teammates. Use them to turn the tide or harm your team.

2. The higher the number of deaths the spy has, the more coins gained after defecting, and the stronger the damage bonus. Gain 10%/30%/50%/100% damage bonus for 3/4/5/6 or more deaths, respectively. The number of coins gained is the average economy of the spy's real faction *(30%+20%*number of deaths).

3. After Death Mode is activated, all heroes will gain 3 seconds of invincibility and have their health fully recovered. If your enemy makes a run for it during this period, directly attacking their base is a good idea.


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